Focused Massage

30 Minutes $59 | 60 Minutes $110

Focused Massage: Back, Neck, & Shoulders

This massage is perfect for those seeking relief of tension and pain on the back, neck and shoulders.  Do you have a stiff back and neck, from sitting in front of your computer all day? We can help. Your therapist will spend special attention addressing only the areas that matter the most to help you feel 100% again so you can go back to doing you.


How to Prepare for your Focused Massage

  • Drink plenty of water before and after your massage avoid any carbonated or caffeinated drinks 

  • Come in feeling comfortable – eat healthfully on the day of your appointment, try not to eat a big meal right before your massage 

  • Arrive ten minutes early, so you have time to relax and discuss with your independent professional massage therapist any goals you have for the session (for example, greater flexibility, less tension, headache relief) and specify areas you’d like to focus on.

  • Let your therapist know about any medical conditions, or anything you feel is important to the session, and feel free to ask questions.

  • Please speak up if you would like more pressure or if it's too much pressure.